Is it worth completing an internship training program? That is the question on the minds of many college students and graduates. But judging by how employers are increasingly considering internships as an important factor while recruiting freshers, there aren’t any reasons why you shouldn’t consider this opportunity.

What is an internship?

In simple terms, internships are basically when organisations allow students to receive hands-on experience on actual projects and gather industry exposure during their tenure. The fixed period of the internship varies based on the company, either part-time or full-time internship programs.

Certain universities include internships as a part of the curriculum while in other cases, students take up such training programs based on their personal interests.

Advantages of joining an internship

  1. Gain practical expertise

Most often, academic knowledge is theoretical. The only way students can validate their skills are within a work environment. Internships are an ideal learning ground for developing skills, exploring opportunities and imbibing work ethics. Contrary to fictional beliefs, internships involve actual work. Students are actively involved in projects and work with management leaders and different teams to get things done. This industry exposure can be crucial for their future career path.

  1. Build a professional network

In this competitive world, knowing the right people can take you places. Internships allow students to work with some of the important people in the room, giving them the opportunity to collect professional contacts. If you walk away with a reference from your company’s CEO or team manager, it can be an invaluable asset while finding a full-time job. Also, your professional network can give you a heads-up every time there is an opening.

  1. Create an impressive resume

Nailing a job interview has so much to do with an impressive resume. There are thousands out there that depict the academic prowess of an individual, so how does your resume stand apart? Completing an internship can showcase your skills and interest in the particular field to the recruiters. The more internships you take up, the better.

  1. Pathway to full-time jobs

Usually, companies start internship programs with an end-result of hiring a few for full-time jobs. In fact, 85% companies use internships to recruit their team. Internships can be a unique opportunity for students to enter big organisations, such as IBM, Microsoft and more, and give their best during their internship tenure to secure a full-time job.

Now, it’s your time to make use of internship programs to gain profitable opportunities. Nschool offers internship training programs in Coimbatore where students can gain industry experience at some of the leading IT companies.