5 Benefits of Android application development

The mobile revolution has transformed the way the world communicates, works and engages on a daily basis. Realising the potential, enterprises have been quick to adopt mobile applications in their business processes and marketing strategies.

When it comes to selecting a mobile platform, Android stands out as a clear favourite. Here are the 5 major advantages of Android application development.

Ever-growing popularity of the Android market

In comparison with other mobile operating systems, Android has been reigning supreme. According to a report, Android occupies the largest market share with more than 86% of the smartphones sold belonging to the Android operating system.

The demand for Android developers has been steadily increasing and with Android mobile applications taking over other devices (smart TVs, e-readers, digital watches), the trend will continue for the years to come.

Minimum costs, maximum output

Android is a free, open-source platform. Android developers can build apps easily by using the free applications and tools provided by the platform without investing a large sum. Whether you are a freelancer or an organisation, you can easily launch an application by minimising costs across the development process.

Customisability for unique applications

Android gives developers the liberty to customise the open-source platform to meet the app requirements. Built in Java, programmers can easily learn and leverage the software development kit (SDK) for creating a unique brand image through the mobile app. Also, the platform allows users to engage with the community to request for advanced technology required for developing a particular application.

Quick app deployment

Unlike the Apple store, the Google Play store is devoid of strict guidelines and lengthy formalities. Android application developers can launch their apps within a few hours and for a one-time registration fee of $25.

Multiple revenue opportunities

Apart from the Google store, Android applications can be promoted in multiple channels. Developers can either promote the app on their own or publish it on other app distribution marketplace.

Nschool offers the opportunity to build a successful career in the lucrative Android application development industry through our Android training program. Learn all the nuances of the platform to easily develop and publish applications. 

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