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6 Reasons why you should learn PHP

Websites are the lifeline of the digital world. Businesses, both large and small, rely on websites to execute advertising strategies and spread the word through this low-cost medium. One of the most popular back-end technologies is PHP. An acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor (previously known as a Personal Home Page), PHP has been preferred by many students as their first step into the IT world. But, after all these years since its inception, is PHP still worth mastering?

Here are 6 reasons why learning PHP can be a rewarding decision for your career.

Market dominance

While some may argue that the entry of players like Python, Ruby on Rails and Node.js has shaken the popularity of the programming language, 80% of the websites still run on PHP. Giants like Flickr, Wikipedia, Tumblr and Facebook have incorporated the PHP framework for running their website.

PHP has been adopted for developing eCommerce sites, GUI applications, Facebook applications, project management tools, CMS sites and so much more. With varied applications and its dominance in the market, PHP holds a promising future.


PHP isn’t bound by rules; it offers its developers the creative freedom to build absolutely anything. The user-friendliness and flexibility of the programming language have been its biggest advantage.


Also, when it comes to building project-specific applications, developers needn’t worry about building from scratch. PHP has a variety of frameworks that can be utilised to add specific functionalities. Laravel, Symfony and other mature frameworks have made it easier to build everything from a simple web application to complex, enterprise-level applications.

A large, reliable community

Many learners fail to recognise the importance of a community. A stronger community support can be crucial in gathering inputs for building complex tools and simplifying the development process. When individuals become an expert, they can venture into new challenges with the confidence of the PHP community.

Easy learning curve

PHP is considered one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Beginners find it easy to get into the nitty-gritty of web development by learning PHP.

Better opportunities

As a PHP developer, you can access multiple career opportunities. eCommerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce and the most popular CMS, WordPress, has been built in PHP. With such demand in both online stores and content management systems, students have many lucrative career opportunities to choose from.

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and isn’t slowing down any soon. Master the PHP coding skills at Nschool’s PHP training program and build a successful career in web development.

14 Exciting new features of iOS 11

With the release of iOS 11, both iPhone and iPad users can now access a plethora of new features. A step above the previous iOS 10 version, users can discover useful and convenient tools on the newest version of the operating system. Here is a look at the most exciting new features:

  1. Live photos in FaceTime

    Now capture live moments during a FaceTime conversation by taping the shutter button on the left corner of the screen. Every time a photo is captured, alerts will be sent to those involved in the call.

  2. In-built QR scanner

    The iOS 11 camera automatically detects QR codes. Just hold the camera against the QR code to scan and store data easily.

  3. Delete unused apps

    Clear your storage by selecting Settings -> General -> iPhone storage and enable the “Offload Unused Apps” option. All those applications which haven’t been used much will be offloaded after saving its data.

  4. Smaller media file size

    With the inclusion of new formats HEIF and HEVC, photos and videos can now be stored in smaller file sizes, helping you manage your storage capacity better.

  5. Screenshot editor

    Don’t waste your time scrolling through your camera roll to edit screenshots. Edit the image captured immediately after it is taken.

  6. Screen recorder

    Record everything that is happening on your screen at a particular moment. This is a great feature for conducting tutorials and teaching your elders/newbies.

  7. Additional Siri features

    iPhone users will now be able to text Siri whenever it is inconvenient to talk. Change the settings by navigating to General Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Type to Siri.Also, Siri can now support other languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.

  8. Do not disturb during driving

    Silence all your notifications while you are driving with the much-needed ‘do not disturb during driving’ mode.

  9. Wifi Settings

    Sharing your Wifi password is now a simple task. Whenever two iPhones are close by, you can select the share password option for enabling the other user to use the Wifi network.Also, at times, your iPhone can automatically connect to even low-speed Wifi network. Stop this inconvenience with the Auto Join setting.

  10. Safety with SOS emergency button

    Under unsafe conditions, users can send SOS emergency alerts by pressing the power button five times.

  11. Quick New device setup

    When it comes to setting up a new iPhone or iPad, all the users have to do is to hold the previously owned device next to the new one. All personalised settings and iCloud keychain passwords will be transferred.

  12. Mute unwanted notifications

    Users now have the ability to mute notifications on unwanted threads by sliding the notification toggle to the left. You can quickly undo the setting by selecting the “show notification” button.

  13. New Keyboard features for iPhone and iPad

    iPhone users can now access the one-handed keyboard feature similar to the iPad versions. By holding on to the globe symbol, users can attach the keyboard to the left or right side of the display.On the other hand, iPad users can swipe down on the traditional keys to access additional symbols like &, $, @ and more.

  14. Drag and drop files and apps

    Users can drag and drop images and files across the mobile apps. Also, when you long press an app, it wiggles and opens into a new screen. Multiple apps can be opened on a new screen for smooth multitasking.

Know how to develop a highly engaging software development training

The effectiveness of your training programs depends on how you approach your learners and present your content in the most inspiring fashion while also educating them. Where traditional learning methods fail to engage the learners, innovative learning strategies that comply with the recent developments in the digital technology boost the impact of the training.

The primary goal of training is accomplished only when learners can apply their learning on their jobs. The IT training curriculum should include realistic practice sessions on the industry’s up-to-date technologies. A high-quality training should be able to customise classes as per the requisites of learners.

There are plenty of ways by which you can make your training more interactive and engaging.

Broad course content

Chuck out the boring training material to offer an exciting learning experience. A well-designed and structured course material can prevent from unproductive learning. The development of training material including the duration, topics, etc., must happen ahead of time. Also, try to make the material available online for the advantage of learning outside classes.  


The training should be a combination of written lessons and self-explanatory videos. Demonstrations of the relevant skills that they are trained for can make the training more engaging and provides a more in-depth understanding and experience of the IT concepts.

Quality instructors

Certified instructors are an essential part of any interactive learning environment. They should have the capability to instruct according to the specific requirements of learners from different arena.


The learners should be given the opportunity to practice what they are learning. Make them learn by “doing” and not by watching. They must be provided with hands-on experience to learn to make decisions on their own and master the IT skills. Internships can instill in learners a more refined workplace culture.


In the final phase of learning, evaluate the effectiveness of the training through interactions. Regular review should be conducted to assess on their understanding of the concepts. Make sure they keep their pace by tracking their progress at every stage of the learning process.


Certifications help students stay focussed and also support them to achieve their career goals.

Certify the courses to make students more involved in learning and get them increased career opportunities. apotheekonlinebelgie

Benefits of Android Application Development & Mobile App Programming

5 Benefits of Android application development

The mobile revolution has transformed the way the world communicates, works and engages on a daily basis. Realising the potential, enterprises have been quick to adopt mobile applications in their business processes and marketing strategies.

When it comes to selecting a mobile platform, Android stands out as a clear favourite. Here are the 5 major advantages of Android application development.

Ever-growing popularity of the Android market

In comparison with other mobile operating systems, Android has been reigning supreme. According to a report, Android occupies the largest market share with more than 86% of the smartphones sold belonging to the Android operating system.

The demand for Android developers has been steadily increasing and with Android mobile applications taking over other devices (smart TVs, e-readers, digital watches), the trend will continue for the years to come.

Minimum costs, maximum output

Android is a free, open-source platform. Android developers can build apps easily by using the free applications and tools provided by the platform without investing a large sum. Whether you are a freelancer or an organisation, you can easily launch an application by minimising costs across the development process.

Customisability for unique applications

Android gives developers the liberty to customise the open-source platform to meet the app requirements. Built in Java, programmers can easily learn and leverage the software development kit (SDK) for creating a unique brand image through the mobile app. Also, the platform allows users to engage with the community to request for advanced technology required for developing a particular application.

Quick app deployment

Unlike the Apple store, the Google Play store is devoid of strict guidelines and lengthy formalities. Android application developers can launch their apps within a few hours and for a one-time registration fee of $25.

Multiple revenue opportunities

Apart from the Google store, Android applications can be promoted in multiple channels. Developers can either promote the app on their own or publish it on other app distribution marketplace.

Nschool offers the opportunity to build a successful career in the lucrative Android application development industry through our Android training program. Learn all the nuances of the platform to easily develop and publish applications. 

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3 Reasons why you should learn iOS Mobile App Development

Are you captivated by the growth and opportunities of the mobile application development industry? Then, you are just one among the million others. With the world going mobile, application development for smartphones has become a lucrative career opportunity. In fact, the mobile app development job market is estimated to grow up to 32 percent from 2010 to 2020. With two operating systems – Android and iOS – dominating the market, they have opened up a vast career growth in the sector.

In this post, we take you through some of the biggest reasons why you should learn iOS application development for a promising future.

Easy Learning Curve

iOS applications are built in Objective-C and the newly-introduced Swift programming language. While some may argue that the set standards and rules of iOS application development make it difficult to develop apps, we tend to disagree. When it comes to mature development tools, iOS has the upper hand.

The XCode IDE (Integrated development environment) of iOS is intuitive allowing developers to build applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac and iWatch from one place. The feature-rich IDE platform makes it easy for beginners to get started with developing iOS applications.

Apart from this, the Swift Playground is an interesting learning environment that lets beginners write code on the left and check the output on the right-side of the screen. This kind of an interesting learning environment helps developers to master the skills quickly.

Revenue Opportunities

The Apple Store has over 2.2 million available applications and the demand for mobile apps continues to grow. In fact, iOS users spend four times as much as the Android counterparts, while purchasing apps. iOS app developers have an opportunity to tap into this lucrative market and gain rewards. Both businesses and freelance developers look to the Apple market to earn more profits.

Career Opportunities

iOS has proved time and again that it is in for the long haul. With growing popularity, the demand for iOS developers has been skyrocketing. In fact, iOS application developers are paid 30% more than web developers.

Also, iOS developers have the opportunity to develop applications not just for smartphones, but for other Apple devices like Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. And with Swift becoming an open-source language, its application is predicted to expand across other applications as well.

Enroll into our carefully structured iOS mobile application development specialisation course to understand the nuances and industry practices involved in the programming language and become the next app wizard.

How Learning Android Development can make you Successful

The era of mobile apps is here, with two of the most dominant operating systems – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android – battling it out. Declaring a champion between the two is highly debatable, but that doesn’t undermine the fact that the demand for mobile application is immense, making mobile application development career opportunities highly lucrative. However, if you are confused between the two platforms, here are some of the reasons why you should focus on learning android application.

Android market and its varied demand

While some may argue the popularity of iPhone against Android smartphones, in reality, 86.1 percent of all smartphones sold belonged to the Android operating system. In fact, Android has found its demand not just in smartphones, but also in streaming devices, smart TVs, tablets, e-reader, smartwatches and so much more.

This clearly illustrates the growing demand and vast opportunities offered by the Android operating system in more than just smartphone app development.

The lucrative Google Play Store

The Android or Google Play store is a whole new field for Android application developers. As of 2017, there are 2.8 million available apps in the Android store as opposed to the 2.2 million apps available in the Apple store.

While most argue that the Apple store offers more profitability with its paid applications, Android has its own perks.

  • Firstly, an Android developer can launch the app within a few hours where the Apple store takes up to a day or a few weeks.
  • Also, unlike Apple’s $99 annual fee to release an app, the Android play store charges a one-time $25 fee.
  • The Google Play store allows application developers to release alpha and beta versions and to set a price for the apps, giving them the liberty to target their specific audience.
  • Even for the free mobile applications, developers can earn regularly through the ad revenue model.

Android career opportunities and salary

As Android is developed in the Java programming language, it is renowned for its portability, i.e., its ability to be ported to other operating systems (Symbian, Ubuntu, Blackberry) and to Chrome OS. This factor has made Android a favourite among businesses, opening up wide career opportunities. The demand for qualified experts is extremely high and an average developer can receive an average salary package of $117K annually (depending upon the expertise level and the location).

CA Labs offers an exciting new way of learning key skills in android application development through our specialised course. Learn from some of the best application developers and imbibe industry practice and strategies to build a successful career in Android.