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Inbaa Cursive for E-learning

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Inbaa Cursive for E-learning

Does handwriting skills is still matter in the digital age?

Technology is impact on children’s handwriting ability. In day to day life, we have to write for documentation work, message to a friend, simple shopping list and etc., For this scenario we have to use a pen to write or do we use to type it?

As per the statics report, school & college students, young people are refuse to write by their hand. “Doctors warned that children were finding difficult to hold a pen or pencil due to excessive use of technology.” got from news.

Our handwriting skills conveys part of our personality, it’s what makes us unique while being a form of identification used by our family and friends; typed communications lack this personal

What are the role that handwriting skills plays in learning and development?

Technology changing how we live and work, what place does handwriting have in the modern classroom? These were the questions put to the teachers, academics and specialists in education and technology. In this modern world, the representative noted with the interest that everyone at the table has chosen use pen to write not with the laptop.

How can you help your child develop their handwriting skills?

Once we know how to do our handwriting skills becomes second nature, but when comes to learning you have to do master multiple skills, including coordinating the eyes, hands, memory, posture, body control, as well as the task of holding a pen or pencil and forming letters & numbers.

Fortunately there are a number of ways you can encourage your child:
● Play together with children.
● Read with children.
● Encourage our children to draw pictures or paint.
● Fun workbooks with them.

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